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Glimpses of a Church Rising for the Fatherless–the Philippines

One way to express the heartbeat of the CAFO community is this:  that the local church in every nation become the primary answer for the needs of orphans in their midst. Within the U.S., that’s especially things like foster care, mentoring, and foster-to-adopt…as well as humbly offering whatever support we can to ministries that work […]

Great Example of a Simple Onramp for Loving Foster Kids from OK

Lisa Feist and our other friends in Oklahoma continue to provide great on-ramps for Christians to show tangible love to children in the state’s foster system.  A simple, heartwarming video announces the latest opportunity through OK Foster Wishes and a cadre of other great ministries in the state.  It’s the kind of thing that could […]

A Community Looking Like James 1:27…and James 1:22

Few things stirs gratefulness in my heart as much as stories of times when Christians really look like Jesus.  Ted Fletcher shared one with me recently.  The truth is, the most powerful argument against Christianity is often Christians:  when we live petty and self-absorbed lives that deny the existence of the God we claim. The […]

Prayer for the DRC and Orphan Sunday Coordinator Pastor Gilbert

Pastor Gilbert from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) became the DRC’s first Orphan Sunday coordinator this year.  He worked with joy to grow locally-rooted efforts to care for the country’s orphans in his church and throughout the region. But the latest flair-up in the DRC’s long-running civil war is now engulfing the city where […]

Art & Adoption: JYB Hangout Concert Sunday…And More

November is National Adoption Month.  It’s a great time to celebrate adoption, both its joys and the sacrifices it often involves …and also to remember the many children still facing the world without families. Two talented musicians have found memorable ways to do just that. As we’ve been sharing on FB & Twitter, I’m excited […]