Art & Adoption: JYB Hangout Concert Sunday…And More

November is National Adoption Month.  It’s a great time to celebrate adoption, both its joys and the sacrifices it often involves …and also to remember the many children still facing the world without families.

Two talented musicians have found memorable ways to do just that.

As we’ve been sharing on FB & Twitter, I’m excited about Sunday’s first-of-its-kind “Google+ Hangout Concert.”   It’s tomorrow, November 18, at 7 PM eastern–live from Washington, DC.  Along with the JYB Band, you’ll get to “hang out” with the likes of Mark Batterson, Ken Coleman, Johnny Carr…and, yes, me too.  I suspect it will be a not-soon-forgotten experience.

My friends Jason & Shelly Yost (who founded CAFO member New Rhythm Project) put this innovative event together—in partnership with CAFO and a slew of great CAFO friends.  It’s a brilliant example of art, faith and advocacy intertwined.

Learn more and register to receive the link for joining the JYB Hangout Concert live online HERE.

Meanwhile, singer Karyn Williams released a new song and music video for National Adoption Month in partnership with our friends at the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute (CCAI). Check it out below!