Prayer for the DRC and Orphan Sunday Coordinator Pastor Gilbert

Pastor Gilbert from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) became the DRC’s first Orphan Sunday coordinator this year.  He worked with joy to grow locally-rooted efforts to care for the country’s orphans in his church and throughout the region.

But the latest flair-up in the DRC’s long-running civil war is now engulfing the city where Pastor Gilbert lives.  The war has claimed more than 5 million lives to dates, leaving countless orphans behind to fend for themselves.

Today, with a rebel army invading the city of Goma, Pastor Gilbert’s needs our fervent prayers.   His short note yesterday in broken English to Jodi Jackson Tucker, with whom he corresponded throughout the Orphan Sunday campaign, gives a heart-rending glimpse of what his family and many of the orphaned children they are seeking to help are now facing:

Dear Jodi, we are happy to [receive] you compassion message. Children are suffering to the war, no assistance from humanitarian organisation because the faiting still between FARDC and M23. Pray for us please, we are under the bed, and praying only. Children suffering. God bless. Thanks

Read BBC coverage of this new flare-up in the DRC’s ongoing civil war HERE.   Most of all, be in prayer for Pastor Gilbert…the families and churches in the region…and the many orphans and other children caught in the middle of this conflict.