Glimpses of a Church Rising for the Fatherless–the Philippines

One way to express the heartbeat of the CAFO community is this:  that the local church in every nation become the primary answer for the needs of orphans in their midst.

Within the U.S., that’s especially things like foster care, mentoring, and foster-to-adopt…as well as humbly offering whatever support we can to ministries that work in full partnership with the local church worldwide.

Globally, it’s the Global Movements Initiative, laboring to interconnect and strengthen local Christian leaders and help them grow a vision for local adoption and orphan care in their home communities.

What does that look like?  Last month, David Hennessey shared about the amazing things happening in Ukraine and the work of Ukraine Without Orphans.

Here’s one more glimpse.  In the many-island country of the Philippines, Christians are launching a movement of churches to join forces to care for orphans.  The government of this country is backing the churches in their efforts to encourage adoption and foster care within their faith communities.  In this video, Malen Papadopoulos talks about the partnership between the churches and the Philippine government, and how God is using His people to care for orphans there!