Radio Interview with Diane Elliot, author of THE GLOBAL ORPHAN CRISIS

Moody Radio this past week featured an interview of Diane Elliot, author of the book The Global Orphan Crisis.  You can listen to the interview HERE.

I enjoyed getting to know Diane as we interacted from time-to-time as she researched and wrote her book.  It was clear to me from our first conversation that she brought a refreshing energy and eagerness-to-dig-deep.  She worked hard to understand–and then accurately convey–both the multifaceted issues facing orphans and what effective response looks like.

In my endorsement for her book, I expressed, “As more and more Christians answer God’s call to serve the orphan, it is vital that we relentlessly bind together action with understanding and zeal with knowledge.  The Global Orphan Crisis helps us do that, offering a panoply of data, a primer on key issues and thorny debates, and a wealth of ideas for personal involvement.  Not every orphan advocate will agree on every point, but all stand to benefit from the extensive information Diane Elliot shares.”

To see more about the book, you can check it out HERE.