Stirrings in the UK–New Video Short

Guest Post from David Hennessey, CAFO Director for Global Movements

The Lord has been inspiring Christians to care for orphans in their distress around the world.  As we’ve seen in countries like Ukraine, Philippines, and Kenya, churches are beginning to work together to bring children into families and remove the cultural stigmas of orphans.

Krish Kandiah, Executive Director of Churches in Mission for the Evangelical Alliance of the UK, speaks in this video about changing the church to be “the most supportive and encouraging environment” for fostering and adoption.  Krish has been working in the United Kingdom to awaken the church to the incredible need in this country for caring for the fatherless.

Krish believes that as this vision captures the hearts of believers around the globe, “the church [will] be known as the most hospitable, gracious community on the planet!”