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Walter’s Flying Bus—Engaging Hearts & Minds for Kids with Special Needs

Good art engages us in ways words alone never could.  From film to music to painting, truths conveyed with special creativity and beauty sink deeper and last longer.  (See prior reflections on this theme). One emerging way to do this is through the medium of electronic apps and games.  Truth be told, I’m pretty wary […]

Johnston Moore & Family on CBS “Home for the Holidays”

With help from the Dave Thomas Foundation, CBS will celebrate foster care adoption again this season with its “Home for the Holidays” program.  I’m particularly excited that this year they will be profiling the family of our friend Johnston Moore.  Johnston has been a faithful, compelling voice calling Christians to take up the cause of […]

U.S. Government Plan of Action on Children in Adversity

Tomorrow the U.S. Government (USG) will roll out a new Federal “Action Plan on Children in Adversity.”  The real value of any new government plan ultimately hinges not on the ideas it carries, but on whether or not those ideas ultimately impact future policies and actions.  Even so, the Action Plan itself represents no small […]

Radio Interview with Diane Elliot, author of THE GLOBAL ORPHAN CRISIS

Moody Radio this past week featured an interview of Diane Elliot, author of the book The Global Orphan Crisis.  You can listen to the interview HERE. I enjoyed getting to know Diane as we interacted from time-to-time as she researched and wrote her book.  It was clear to me from our first conversation that she […]

2012 CAFO Investor Report & Movement Update

Each year, CAFO provides a live online “Investor Report & Movement Update.”   It’s a chance to spotlight key trends and issues in the Christian orphan care movement.  We also explore key 2012 victories and top upcoming priorities of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  This year’s report was especially significant, highlighting many encouraging developments as well […]

A Growing Adoption & Orphan Care Movement in Kenya

CAFO’s Global Movements Initiative seeks to encourage and support locally-led national movements around the world for local adoption and orphan care.  In the east African country of Kenya, God is inspiring believers to overcome the cultural stigma that orphans face by adopting and inviting these children into their homes and churches.  This past August, the […]