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The Church and the Fatherless in the Least Churched Region of America

It may be the least churched part of America, but Christians are rising vibrantly for the fatherless across the Pacific Northwest.  The upcoming Refresh Conference in Seattle and Spokane Orphan Summit are the tip of an iceberg of growing adoption, foster and global orphan efforts throughout Washington. Not far away, a remarkable article by Oregonian […]

FAQs on the Adoption Tax Credit

In early 2012, the Christian Alliance for Orphans joined with other respected groups in the “Save the Adoption Tax Credit” coalition alongside a number of other excellent organizations and networks. (See list of the Executive Committee at bottom).  Several months ago, it appeared highly possible that the Tax Credit would expire at the end of […]

Fresno, CA: A Vision for a “City Without Orphans”

In 2010, a young couple from Fresno, CA reached out to the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  Whitney and Daniel Bunker felt God calling them to help churches in their region take on the needs of kids in foster care.  Their ultimate hope was to make Fresno a “City Without Orphans”—with every foster child in a […]

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Calls Russian Christians to Adopt

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated Christmas (Orthodox Christmas is January 7th) with a message to his nation emphasizing the Bible’s call to care for orphans and urging Russian Christians to adopt. Patriarch Kirill expressed, “And as we celebrate Christmas I would like to appeal to everyone with a request: If you can […]

Two Great Articles on Adoption: Les Miserables and Russian Adoptions

The National Review Online and Washington Post Blog this week each carry a great piece on adoption from a Christian perspective. The former highlights the moving images of adoption displayed in the newly-released blockbuster Les Miserables:  Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman and the Blessing of Adoption. The latter article is from Hope for Orphans’ President Paul […]

Three Cheers: Adoption Tax Credit Made Permanent!

There is much yet to analyze about the American Taxpayer Relief Act (“Fiscal Cliff” Bill) passed by Congress last night, but it is clear there’s at least one element orphan advocates can especially cheer:  the Adoption Tax Credit has been saved. The permanent extension of the Adoption Tax Credit not only guarantees vital financial help […]