Russia Blew Up the Adoption Bridge. Now What?

Today’s Capitol Commentary carries a piece I wrote on Russia’s recent ban on adoptions by American parents.  Read the first portion below and the full article HERE

Russia Blew Up the Adoption Bridge. Now What?

On one side wait tens of thousands of Russian orphans. I’ve met many of them—big eyes and wounded hearts, with names like Sergei, Sasha and Svetlana.

On the other stand myriad U.S. families, willing to welcome these children as their own.  I’ve met many of the families, too—imperfect, of course, yet with ample affection and bedroom space for at least one more young life.

Inter-country adoption, the slender bridge between the two groups, was blown early this year by the Russian government.  As part of a diplomatic tit-for-tat, Russian politicians banned adoption of Russian orphans to the U.S.

Indignation is justified, but won’t provide children what they most need. Rather, Americans who care about these orphans have good reason to embrace two seemingly opposite strategies at once.

On the one hand, we must work humbly to restore the delicate bridge of inter-country adoption—not only with Russia, but in many other countries as well. Just as diligently, we must encourage and support churches across Russia and the world in cultivating a culture of adoption.

Both of these priorities spring from a simple reality: Children need families.

Read the full article HERE