Special STUCK Movie Trailer and Upcoming National Tour

The number of children brought into U.S. families through international adoption has been cut severely in recent years.  It’s fallen more than 60%—from nearly 23,000 in 2004 to 8,668 in 2012.

The creators of the new movie STUCK want to flip that trend upside-down.

Of course, the debates over international adoption are complex—just as they are with most any serious effort to address profound human needs.  Ethical hazards are many.  At time, every potential solution is riddled with flaws.  And it always must be remembered that international adoption is just one facet of the many responses demanded by the global orphan crisis.

An advocacy film like STUCK can’t take on all of these matters at once.  What STUCK does do—in unforgettable, deeply moving fashion—is remind that every child needs a family.  It also reveals that unnecessary barriers often keep orphans from families ready to welcome them home.

Watching STUCK isn’t an end in itself.  Rather, it is a potent spark for discussion that is long overdue.  Some will love it.  Some will scorn it.  But no one will walk away feeling that the status quo is acceptable.

STUCK will spur serious conversation about what can be done, and what must be done.  That’s why every person who cares about orphans should see it.

Below is a special trailer for STUCK that includes some thoughts I shared with the film’s creators.  My hope is that this will play a small part in spurring the discussion around STUCK toward the biggest questions facing those seeking to care for children in need of families.  How can we do more to keep widow-orphan families together?  Where can we remove needless barriers to international adoption?  What can be done to inspire more in-country adoptions worldwide?

Feel free to share the video with your church…adoptive families…or anyone who longs to see more children find what every child needs:  a loving family.


As part of a 60-City Tour, STUCK is coming to a theater near you.  See the TOUR ITINERARY for details or buy tickets now HERE.