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Summit 2012’s Live FLT Interview with Ryan Bomberger Online Now!

Some of the most moving moments of Summit last year came during the live FamilyLife Today interviews hosted by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  The broadcast of one of these aired recently:  the unforgettable interview of Ryan Bomberger. It brought tears and laughter from just about all of us who heard it live.  How Ryan’s […]

Art Imitates Life, and Vice-Versa: King’s Faith

It’s said that art imitates life.   So little wonder that an increasingly number of films and other cultural products made by Christians highlight foster youth and orphans.  As more and more Christians get personally involved in caring for the fatherless, our stories and songs increasingly reflect this reality. But what I find even more exciting […]

Building Trauma Competent Healing Caregivers: Webinar Now Online

The recent CAFO webinar, “Building Trauma Competent Healing Caregivers” is now online on the CAFO Webinar Library (just scroll down to the second item).  This webinar was among our most popular and well-received.  In it, Jayne Schooler (author of Wounded Hearts, Healing Homes and other excellent books) helps professional caregivers, as well as foster and […]

Dave Thomas Foundation Video

Our friends at the Dave Thomas Foundation are stalwart champions for kids in foster care.  They’ve just released a great new video — brief, but compelling.  Just a few words and image say more than most books:  “When I first met my son…he was a teenager.”

Passion for Orphans Continues to Grow in the Ukrainian Church

It’s been breathtaking to see the way God is stirring hearts in the church in Ukraine for local adoption and orphan care. As previously described, last month more than 500 Ukrainian, Russian and other believers from the region gathered in Kiev, to explore how to continue growing a vision for care for orphans within the […]