Art Imitates Life, and Vice-Versa: King’s Faith

It’s said that art imitates life.   So little wonder that an increasingly number of films and other cultural products made by Christians highlight foster youth and orphans.  As more and more Christians get personally involved in caring for the fatherless, our stories and songs increasingly reflect this reality.

But what I find even more exciting is the reverse of that maxim, which is also true: life often imitates art, too.  As we read and watch and sing about certain ideas, those ideas take root in our lives.  A story or song can bring us to face needs we’ve never considered.  It can inspire us with sacrificial responses others have lived out—whether fiction or nonfiction—and invite us to do the same.  (Think of Jesus’ words at the end of the story of the Good Samaritan, “Go and do likewise.”)

A new film that offers that kind of invitation is King’s Faith.  It’s a poignant story, telling of profound struggles faced by foster youth and the compelling beauty seen when individuals reflect God’s deep concern for vulnerable children.  It’s ultimately a tale of tenacious, sacrificial love…and a call to do likewise.

Check out the clip from the film below.  King’s Faith opens in limited theaters April 26.  With enough entered zip codes HERE, you can bring it to your area, too.  You may also want to consider harnessing the film for a “movie night” for foster teens or to create a fundraiser/awareness-raiser community event.  (For that, use the Group Tickets form.)