Summit 2012’s Live FLT Interview with Ryan Bomberger Online Now!

Some of the most moving moments of Summit last year came during the live FamilyLife Today interviews hosted by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  The broadcast of one of these aired recently:  the unforgettable interview of Ryan Bomberger.

It brought tears and laughter from just about all of us who heard it live.  How Ryan’s mother was raped yet choose to give life to her unborn son.  Ryan’s adoption by a loving family.  His struggles with identify as a bi-racial child in a lily white part of the country.   His choice to adopt children of his own, and to champion a culture of life.  Perhaps most of all, you won’t want to miss the song Ryan sings to his birthmother.

Listen or download the interview HERE!

It was that closing song and the words preceding it that inspired a moving letter one woman wrote to FamilyLife after the program aired.  Here’s her letter (with names changed).


I heard Ryan’s interview on the KCBI 90.1 in Dallas, today while on my way to purchase a dress for my son’s wedding.  I am his Birth Mom.

Ryan, I know if your mom was listening she would be crying just as I was, and she would be so PROUD of the young man you have become.

Twenty-nine years ago, I found myself an unwed mom to be, never having great timing, the day I went to tell the Birth Father I was with child, was the day he told me he was marrying someone else, needless to say, I didn’t share my news, but I didn’t abort our son either.  I went thru a Christian Adoption Agency, in Houston, Texas.  The couple that adopted Jeff are AWESOME parents, and adopted 4 children in total.

And while not all of Jeff’s siblings have had the same outcome as he and I have [as they’ve reached out to their respective birthmothers]…one ended like yours…and two ended in the “DONT CONTACT ME AGAIN” way…they are so excited for him that we have connected.

I told him how proud I was of the young man he had become, and his response was so sweet, and totally heartfelt… when he said… Thank you for giving the chance to be me.  

So thank you for your passion.  I believe that GOD will and has already blessed you in ways that most can’t even begin to imagine.

Much love,