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Overwhelming (Literally) Response to Summit 9!

With Summit registration closing tonight at midnight, we’ve been forced to confront the best kind of problem to have:  overwhelming response. Registration are now at least 500 more than when we closed online registration last year…and the registrations continue to pour in until 12 PM. That’s tremendous news, and also one more indicator of a […]

BBC on the Plight of Orphans in Russia

The BBC carried a highly significant article earlier this month on the tragic situations facing many orphans within Russia—titled, “Are efforts to help thousands of ‘abandoned’ children being resisted?”  For anyone concerned with the plight of orphans worldwide, the accounts it presents are both heart wrenching and revealing. As much as anything else, the article […]

Un-Marketing Our Leadership: Christian Leadership Alliance Webinar

I’ll be teaching for the Christian Leadership Alliance’s (CLA) leadership webinar series this Thursday, April 24 with a presentation titled, “Un-Marketing Leadership:  Authentic Communication for a Marketing-Weary Culture.” The webinar will draw from the themes of my book, UPENDED, with a focus on organizational leaders, missional influencers and issue advocates.  We’ll explore communication choices that […]

Fierce Criticism of Christians & Adoption

Every meaningful undertaking has had its fierce critics, from the abolition movement to Ronald Reagan’s challenge to Soviet totalitarianism.   And—truth be told—although history proved the critics to be profoundly wrong on the questions that mattered most, many of the specific critiques they offered carried certain truths and half-truths worthy of thoughtful consideration. Such is the case […]

FamilyLife Broadcast Friday on Summit IX and the Christian Orphan Care Movement!

The FamilyLife Today radio broadcast tomorrow (April 19) will focus on Summit IX and the Christian orphan care movement.    Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and I dig into the history of Christian care for orphans and its vibrant expression today.  You can catch it on your local Christian radio station’s broadcast or on the Family Life […]

The “Cumbre” in Mexico: True Stirrings of a Movement

The Cumbre por los Niños Marginados conference last week in Mexico left all of us who were a part of it abuzz.  It had all the markings of an early but very real movement in Mexico of Christians rising as the answer for the orphans of that nation. On the eve of Summit IX in […]