New Book from Johnny Carr: OrphanJustice

Johnny Carr is remarkable man.  Former Baptist preacher with a passion for justice…somehow both easy-going and intense…willing to tangle with complex social issues in ways that don’t fit neatly in “Red” or “Blue” political categories…delivers muscular sermons as readily in sign language as in English…one moment affirming the ancient truths of Christian faith, the next sticking pins in a grown-too-comfortable church…

Johnny’s new book, OrphanJustice, is much the same.  As I described in my book endorsement (which unfortunately the publisher mistakenly removed):

OrphanJustice is potent.  You’ll find yourself alternately arguing, celebrating and mourning with Johnny Carr.  It is a venture deep into both the costliness and beauty that come with every expression of love for orphans, from the lifelong journey beyond an adoption to mentoring, impassioned advocacy and global service.

I doubt anyone will agree with every part of the book.  But I suspect most readers will fund it truly rich and moving and provocative.  It is a most welcome addition to the growing body of literature exploring God’s heart for orphans and for justice.

A book “trailer” is below, and you can learn more about it at   On the site, you can also watch a number of Skype video interviews, including one I did with Johnny on his challenging chapter that tackles the need to guard against the potential for unethical adoptions.

The site also carries a new OrphanJustice study guide developed by Laura Captari that could make it a great fit for group discussion!