Overwhelming (Literally) Response to Summit 9!

With Summit registration closing tonight at midnight, we’ve been forced to confront the best kind of problem to have:  overwhelming response.

Registration are now at least 500 more than when we closed online registration last year…and the registrations continue to pour in until 12 PM.

That’s tremendous news, and also one more indicator of a vibrant, expanding movement.

But it’s also a challenge, given the space limitations we’re facing.  Let’s just say this:  Summit this year will be energetic, exciting…and cozy!

For this reason, we’re going to have to take the unprecedented step of not allowing walk up registration.  We’re truly sad to say that, but to make sure Summit is a tremendous experience for those who have registered, we’ll have to draw the line.

So…if you haven’t yet, make sure you register by midnight tonight HERE.  And if you have, know that you are in for an amazing experience!