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The Christian Post on “The Silent Crisis in America”

The Christian Post yesterday carried a significant op-ed highlighting the needs of kids in the U.S. foster system, “The Silent Crisis in America.” The piece articulates the issue well, reminding, “May is National Foster Care Month – an important time to remember that not every child goes to sleep at night in a permanent home. […]

Foster Care Film FAULTLESS Now Available on DVD

The well-crafted documentary FAULTLESS premiered at Summit last year.  With texture, variety and pathos, it offers moving windows into life within foster care…and compelling ways that Christians are responding to the need via foster care, mentoring, and foster-to-adopt. The DVD is now available for purchase online HERE.   Whether to stimulate your own thinking…share with an […]

Journalist Grasps the Heart of the Orphan Care Movement…And Its People

The Washington Institute this week carries a great article that—written by a journalist new to orphan issues—shows a remarkable grasp of the heart of the Christian orphan care movement. Read the article here:  Amidst Criticism, the Call to Care for Orphans. The article strikes me as particularly timely, and insightful, given the flavor of criticisms […]

U.S. Senate Testimony — Review of U.S. Foreign Assistance for Children in Adversity

Today’s U.S. Senate Appropriations hearing offered a tremendous opportunity to engage key orphan-related policy issues and also spotlight the vital role that so many Christian groups are playing in caring for orphans worldwide. In my remarks before the Committee, I desired to affirm that government can indeed play a vital role in child protection and […]

Watch online NOW: Review of U.S. Foreign Assistance for Children in Adversity

This morning The Subcommittee on the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs is hosting a hearing on  Review of U.S. Foreign Assistance for Children in Adversity.   CAFO President Jedd Medefind will testify shortly. Watch it LIVE now! – Witnesses:   Panel 1 The Honorable Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator, United States Agency for International […]

More from NPR on the Christian Orphan Care Movement

NPR will again be airing critique of the Christian orphan care movement, but this time with an opportunity for response.  This week, “Interfaith Voices” will air a pair of interviews—one with Kathryn Joyce followed by a second allowing me a chance to share a perspective from within the movement. The interviews were framed with emphasis […]