More from NPR on the Christian Orphan Care Movement

NPR will again be airing critique of the Christian orphan care movement, but this time with an opportunity for response.  This week, “Interfaith Voices” will air a pair of interviews—one with Kathryn Joyce followed by a second allowing me a chance to share a perspective from within the movement.

The interviews were framed with emphasis on the negatives of the movement—both real and perceived.  But it seemed to me the interviewer, Maureen Fiedler, did her best to enable expression of both harsh criticism and honest response.

If you don’t catch the interview via your local station, you can stream them.  Here is the link for Kathryn Joyce’s Interview, and my response is below.

As I’ve expressed since my first response to some of Joyce’s early criticisms (here), I strongly believe that her criticisms contain many important critiques that the movement must take with utmost seriousness.   At the same time, Joyce’s criticisms also frequently distort much more than they reveal.   Over the weeks ahead, I’ll be working on a more in-depth analysis and response to the book.  For now, these two interviewers offer a first taste of at least some of the key issues.