The Christian Post on “The Silent Crisis in America”

The Christian Post yesterday carried a significant op-ed highlighting the needs of kids in the U.S. foster system, “The Silent Crisis in America.”

The piece articulates the issue well, reminding, “May is National Foster Care Month – an important time to remember that not every child goes to sleep at night in a permanent home. In a nation that compassionately cares for ‘the least of these,’ the shockingly high number of children languishing in foster care, waiting for a home they can truly call their own, should cause each of us to take action.

A former foster youth from Colorado offers a glimpse of what it’s like:

“If you jump from foster home to foster home to foster home, if they just randomly move you … like they did us, it’s just like, it throws you completely off balance and then like if you were feeling secure then you are completely insecure because you don’t know where you are at or who you are with.”

Read the full article at “The Silent Crisis in America.”