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“Step Forward for Orphans” March in DC

The Both Ends Burning “Step Forward For Orphans” March was yesterday in Washington, DC.  Individuals and families who’d been moved by the film STUCK gathered to send a strong message to America’s leaders about the importance of families for children who lack them. If you haven’t yet seen the film, we’d encourage you to do […]

My Personal Favorite Responses to Summit

We’ve received much feedback since Summit.  It’s been rich and heart-lifting.  Even the criticisms have been truly constructive. But most meaningful of all for me are the notes from individuals who’ve at times been especially critical of their fellow Christians’ approach to orphan care and adoption…often with good reason.  As with any budding movement, this […]

Great 12-Minute Feature on Foster Care

I’ll confess I’ve have had my moments of frustration at things I’ve heard were said on the 700 Club. But I can’t say enough about the program Terry Meeuwsen and the rest of the team there hosted yesterday on foster care. It was moving, thoughtful and a healthy blend of the beauty and the challenges […]

Summit Revisited in Two Short Videos!

After an experience like Summit last week, words fall short in trying to capture it all.  I don’t think anything anything short of the experience itself really could.  But a good video gets a lot closer than nouns, verbs and adjectives.  Here’s a memorable one put together by Sherwin Lau, whose eye for compelling images […]