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Response to Senator Graham’s Inquiry: The Permanency Center Concept

Following the US Senate Foreign Operations Budget Hearing on Children in Adversity, the Committee directed several written questions from Senators to those who had testified for formal response.  I received a particular thoughtful question from Senator Lindsey Graham, which is below.   In it, he asks for particular opportunities for effective public-private-faith based partnership on […]

Guatemala Orphan Conference Inspires New Alliance!

Guest Post from David Hennessey, CAFO Director for Global Movements “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead I traveled to Guatemala City last week, for a pastors’ conference designed to inspire the Guatemalan church toward caring for Guatemalan […]

The Dark Matter of Love

I’ve recently had the privilege of some good cross-Atlantic Skype conversations with filmmaker Sarah McCarthy.  After significant success—including showing on HBO—with her prior documentary on children in Indian slums, Sarah turned her focus to a trio of children adopted from a Russian orphanage to a family in the U.S. The resulting film, The Dark Matter […]

Profs Tackle a Big Question: Can Child Sponsorship Programs Really Make a Difference?

Christianity Today this month covers new, highly-significant research for those who care about vulnerable children. It’s written by Bruce Wydick, a professor of economics and international studies at the University of San Francisco. He introduces the article: “What can an ordinary person like me do to help the poor?” When people find out at parties […]

We Are Always BECOMING Something

One of the most profound truths I’ve learned from Dr. Karyn Purvis and other experts on child development is this:  virtually everything a baby experiences shapes them. Eye contact, touch, mirroring of facial expressions, gracious words, tender touch…OR their absence—all these things are continually forming the person a baby will become, whether for good or […]

The Tennessean on Christians and Orphan Care

The Tennessean this weekend carried three articles on Christians and orphan care written in the wake of Summit IX. One tells the true story of two families that have been helping support care for orphans in Ethiopia for years—the Quints and Valdezes.  But until recently, at least one of the families hadn’t been much aware […]