The Tennessean on Christians and Orphan Care

The Tennessean this weekend carried three articles on Christians and orphan care written in the wake of Summit IX.

One tells the true story of two families that have been helping support care for orphans in Ethiopia for years—the Quints and Valdezes.  But until recently, at least one of the families hadn’t been much aware of the needs of foster children locally.  That all changed through a friend met on a mission trip to Ethiopia…and the families are now teaming up to welcome home three kids from local foster care.  See the full compelling story at Two families with heart for missions help kids closer to home.  It’s a compelling story, and also a picture of what I see so often:  that international orphan care, adoption and local foster care aren’t “competing priorities” but ultimately help grow each other!

You can also catch a video of one of the dads, Dave Quint, as he trains to run a marathon while juggling (!) to raise money for orphans in Ethiopia (below).


The contents of a second article are captured well by its title, “Christians work to rescue world’s orphans, but obstacles stand in way.”  This one explores some of the challenges and critiques to the movement alongside its growth.

A paired video from The Tennessean offers short interviews describing how the movement is growing all over the world.