Family Life Broadcasts From Summit on Foster Care and More!

FamilyLife Today is broadcasting four great interviews on foster care, adoption and orphan care in the coming days!

Those who attended Summit will recall the two unforgettable interviews live at Summit:  with Representative Michele Bachmann (today!) and with Bishop WC Martin of Possum Trot, TX (tomorrow).   See details and timing for all four upcoming interviews below.  (Click here to find a station near you, or here to listen online.)

Rep. Michele Bachmann – August 20

The first broadcast will feature a frank and fascinating interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann, the former U.S. Presidential candidate from Minnesota, about her experiences as a foster mom to 23 children. (Yes, that’s 23.) The interview was recorded at Summit this past May.

Bishop W.C. Martin – August 21

The next day will include an interview with Bishop W.C. Martin of Possum Trot, Texas. Bishop Martin will share how God worked to bring a passion for foster care and adoption into his modest church, bringing families to 76 children in foster care. We appreciate Bishop Martin’s story (and his East Texan sense of humor).

Matt Carter and Aaron Ivey – August 29

For the third show, Paul Pennington, Executive Director of Hope for Orphans (a ministry of FamilyLife), joins Dennis and Bob to interview pastors Matt Carter and Aaron Ivey from Austin Stone Community Church. Pastor Matt Carter is the lead pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the country, and a leader in the Acts 29 network. He’ll share on how God moved His church to full-throttle involvement in orphan ministry in central Texas. Pastor Aaron Ivey, a singer songwriter and worship pastor, will further share his personal story of how God invited his family to join in loving orphans.

Pastor Eddie Byun – August 30 
Paul joins Dennis and Bob for one last show, featuring Hope for Orphans’ good friend and representative in South Korea, Pastor Eddie Byun. Pastor Eddie Byun is senior pastor for the largest English-language church in South Korea. He is the author of the book, Justice Awakening, and is passionate about educating believers on the connection between orphans, justice and sex trafficking.  The broadcast will also include stories of the awakening vision for orphan care and adoption within Korea.