The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good

This week’s CAFO Webinar–taught by Peter Greer–delivered a message I feel is truly “prophetic”:  a discerning, Spirit-fed exhortation that addresses many of us right where we most need to be challenged.

Peter presented on “The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good,” building from an excellent book of the same name that was released this month.

All of us who care deeply about orphans have much to celebrate in the continued re-awakening of Christians to Scripture’s clear mandate to seek justice and love mercy.  But if we fail to root this deep in the greatest commandment–to walk humbly with our God in love for Him–even the best of our enthusiasms and undertakings will be short-lived.  As Peter warns, we will be highly vulnerable to a host of hazards, perhaps most of all the hubris of pride and the strain that comes from imagining ourselves to be far more important than we are.  Peter helps us not only grasp these dangers, but also offer’s God’s prescription in response.  Although a “hard word,” it’s ultimately freeing–allowing us to labor faithfully without the strain of believing that outcomes ultimately hinge upon us.  I’d recommend the webinar, and the book, to any who desire to live wisely and well amidst a life-long commitment to justice and mercy.

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