Jen Hatmaker: “The Truth About Adoption—Two Years Later”

With characteristic honesty and insight, Jen Hatmaker reflected this Tuesday on the high highs and low lows of the past two years since the Hatmaker family welcomed two new members via adoption.

The reflections offer a raw and refreshing frankness….of the kind we need more in orphan care, foster care and adoption….and, for that matter, in every aspect of the Christian life.

It’s the kind of celebration and anguish, singing and moaning that characterize the Psalms…and, for that matter, all authentic literature and art.

Although the adoption journey the Hatmakers have walked over the past 2 years has been tougher than many…and less difficult than some…parts of what Jen articulates will likely resonate with most every adoptive families…and with many others who’ve opened heart and home to children who’ve known deep hurt.

Describing the 1 ½ year mark (six months ago), she writes:

The shine has worn off, and you are in the hard work of stabilizing. You’ve exited the near constant therapeutic position where practically every word and every moment has something to do with felt safety/needs/affirmation/redirection/acknowledgement of loss/keeping the schedule predictable/therapeutic words/tantrum interruption/attachment. You can go entire hours like some sort of normal parent. All the fuss surrounding your adoption has receded, and now you are deeply in the trenches.

This week Jen could write with much greater cheer and hope.  She describes, “We are not capable of healing our kids’ bodies and hearts and minds, but Jesus is. We can trust him with our little families, because He is a good God and He is ever for us.”

Today she knows much more of what that means than she did two years ago.   And very likely—if she continues to love with abandon—she’ll know that precious truth even more deeply two years from now.

I pray that all of us will…

See Jen’s full post HERE.