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Songs, Strategies and Celebrations as Orphan Sunday Approaches

As we roll through the week of Orphan Sunday, reports of happenings around the world are already rolling in. We heard today of a song written and recorded for Orphan Sunday by the worship team at Woodstock Bible Church in Portland.  The words and music are equally beautiful.  The song will be on iTunes soon, […]

Orphan Sunday Comes Early…and Big…to Modesto, CA

Not every church can celebrate Orphan Sunday on the first Sunday in November.  That doesn’t make their events any less meaningful.  And the events for 2013 are already starting!  I received this note from a good friend in Modesto, CA, Jeff Pishney.  Churches across this mid-sized city in California’s central valley are spreading their Orphan […]

Dennis Rainey Reflects on Davion Only’s Story–With An Idea for Action

Children in foster care at times are nearly invisible.  Shifted from home to home, school to school, they often remain in the shadows.  But not Davion Only.  His plea to a Florida church for someone to adopt him has lit up the Internet.  Reportedly more than 10,000 people have responded, inundating his foster agency with […]

Foster Friess: For Orphans, Family is a Human Right

USA Today carried yesterday a well-expressed op-ed from Christian businessman and philanthropist Foster Friess, titled For Orphans, Family is a Human Right.   Friess observes that—while America is more politically polarized than ever—there is at least one place where Left and Right can find common ground:  the truth that ever child deserves a family.  Friess develops […]

15-Year Old Asks Church for a Family

The Tampa Bay Times yesterday carried a deeply moving story of Davion Only of St. Petersburg, FL.  Davion has spent his entire 15-year life in foster care, hoping that his birthmother would come get him.  But when he learned in June that she was dead, Davion knew what he wanted more than anything else:  a […]

Christianity Today on “How Can Churches Best Support Parents Who Adopt from Overseas?”

This month’s Christianity Today contains three perspectives exploring ways that church communities can encourage and aid adoptive families.  The response I wrote for CT is below and I’d definitely encourage you to read the two other articles as well–by Johnny Carr and Megan Hill.  All three are now online:  How Can Churches Best Support Parents […]