Dennis Rainey Reflects on Davion Only’s Story–With An Idea for Action

Children in foster care at times are nearly invisible.  Shifted from home to home, school to school, they often remain in the shadows.  But not Davion Only.  His plea to a Florida church for someone to adopt him has lit up the Internet.  Reportedly more than 10,000 people have responded, inundating his foster agency with inquiries about adopting him.  Today, Dennis Rainey today shared very meaningful–and action oriented–reflections on this situation:


When I read this story, I thought, Maybe this is what it takes.  Maybe we need to allow foster kids who want to speak, like Davion, to do so in our churches.  Maybe their faces and voices will inspire the Christian community to finally step up and begin to address the needs of more than 100,000 children in our foster care system who need a family and could be adopted.

If this could begin to happen in thousands of churches in America every Sunday…

Why not ask if there are foster care children in your community who can be adopted and inquire if there is a child who would be willing to take the risk of sharing his need for a family? Then take the foster child to your church, give him or her a microphone and let him ask, “Would someone adopt me and give me a family?”  And of course, if the child doesn’t feel comfortable making such a plea, ask if you could be the voice for that child.

Does our God believe in adoption?  He does and it’s good thing … it’s why He sent His Son to die on our behalf, so that we might be forgiven from the penalty of our sins, and to adopt us if we place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

God believes in adoption and so should we.

Dennis also highlighted the recently-developed guide for churches interested in engaging foster care from Hope for Orphans, titled “Safe Harbor.” You can download this document for free HERE.