Orphan Sunday Comes Early…and Big…to Modesto, CA

Not every church can celebrate Orphan Sunday on the first Sunday in November.  That doesn’t make their events any less meaningful.  And the events for 2013 are already starting!  I received this note from a good friend in Modesto, CA, Jeff Pishney.  Churches across this mid-sized city in California’s central valley are spreading their Orphan Sunday events over several weeks so that the staff from area ministries can be at each event to help inform church-goers about opportunities for foster care, adoption, mentoring and more.  Jeff wrote of one of the Modesto events:

…Eleven area churches are doing an Love ALL Our Kids Sunday/Weekend (Orphan Sunday) this fall. Big Valley Grace just had ours and it was simply amazing! Our Lead Pastor gave a message on “Life,” we showed the “I Like Adoption” video, etc. in all our gatherings. Afterwards we had free hot dogs and chips, coffee cart, live band, kid’s zone and 21 agencies/organizations represented and all of them told me that they never had as good of a response than what took place at our church. Then this past Sunday, there were 30 individuals/families who came to an foster/adopt orientation. God is at work in our Modesto area and praying that it extends thru out the valley!

What a great note to launch the start of Orphan Sunday events across the country and around the world!

And we know stories like these will be rolling in for many weeks to come, from multi-church events…to simple displays in church foyer…to family prayer gatherings.  Each of these plants seeds and moves hearts.  Each of these is Orphan Sunday!

An Early Orphan Sunday in Modesto, CA
An Early Orphan Sunday in Modesto, CA

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