Songs, Strategies and Celebrations as Orphan Sunday Approaches

As we roll through the week of Orphan Sunday, reports of happenings around the world are already rolling in.

We heard today of a song written and recorded for Orphan Sunday by the worship team at Woodstock Bible Church in Portland.  The words and music are equally beautiful.  The song will be on iTunes soon, and is set to pictures in the simple video below.

Meanwhile, a number of churches will be celebrating Orphan Sunday for the first time in Nigeria this year.  I received word today of a preparatory gathering in the city of Jos that included eleven pastors of churches in the region.  Among other things, they discussed the major cultural and practical barriers to local adoptions…and what could be done to begin growing in churches a culture that embraced adoption.Orphan Sunday Nepal

We also heard via email yesterday from Nepal, where Orphan Sunday will be celebrated for the first time also.  The Nepalese writer shared, “We are praying and planning to print 5000 poster and distribute to our church network all over Nepal. We are requesting our churches to pray and do something for orphans, especially the first week of November and after that also.”  (Poster on right.)

Another email this morning shared an update from a group of African American leaders who are working together to ignite a vision for foster care and adoption in predominantly African American congregations.  It read in part:

  • At Faith Christian Center in Jacksonville, FL, in addition to the two main campuses, two of their satellite churches (the Orlando and Miami campuses) will be observing Orphan Sunday for the first time! Can’t wait to hear all God will do!
  • Orphan Sunday is spreading in New Jersey! First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens is leading the way–with Orphan Sunday being observed there this year as well as in several of their partnership churches!  Praising God!
  • Res Life in Grand Rapids, Michigan is hosting a first-time Orphan Sunday Informational Fair following services on Nov 3  – 18 booths featuring foster care and adoption, and a CAFO booth as well!
  • Kentwood Community Church under the leadership of Pastor Kyle Ray will focus all three weekend services on God’s call as Christians to care for orphans and vulnerable children in our own neighborhoods and around the world.
  • From Carla Hendricks:  “We’ve got lots going on for Orphan Sunday at Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, Conway Campus! I will share my personal story – my two adopted children, my orphan care passion and ministry with CAFO and The CALL, etc. I will also speak on the plight of the orphan, sharing with them about the local need for more foster parents and adoptive parents for older children, in addition to the needs of orphans abroad. I will also host a panel of three couples, two adoptive families and one foster family. My husband Anthony will preach on adoption, orphans, etc.”

Thanks be to God for the myriad ways He’s using Orphan Sunday to nurture hearts that reflect His own!