Beautiful Video…and Reflections on the Marvel of Orphan Sunday

Each day, more reports come in from Orphan Sunday events around the globe.  We’ll share some more of those in the days to come.  But today I can’t help posting a video made for Orphan Sunday at Kentwood Community Church in Michigan.  It’s actually three short stories of Christians who’ve opened their lives to vulnerable children:  a retired couple opening their empty nest as a “Safe Families” home…a single woman who adopted two kids from Africa…and a couple who welcomed in two older boys from foster care.  Each is a compelling story in itself.


Orphan Sunday Stories from Kentwood Community Church on Vimeo.

A video like that only amplifies things I’ve been feeling especially deeply recently…reflections I wrote out a few days ago as a guest post for The Christian Post titled, “The Most Unexpected Things.”  It begins:

Orphan Sunday is one of those things that make you scratch your head and wonder. One can’t help but ask, Really? How in the world did this happen?

That’s how God always seems to work, using the most unlikely materials—stables and shepherds, tax collectors and little baskets of loaves and fish—to do the most amazing things…

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