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10 Top Trends in Christian Orphan Care Movement 2013

The recording of the 2013 CAFO Investor Report and Movement Update is now viewable online.   You can view this webinar, along with a short video blog message, HERE. The webinar highlights 10 Top Trends in the Christian Orphan Care Movement for 2013.  To whet your appetite, the trends spotlighted are: Expansion:  Continued Growth E Pluribus […]

Conferences Outside the Movement Increasingly Highlight Adoption, Foster and Orphan Care

Conference can be true catalysts for social change:  uniting the like-minded, affirming shared vision, spreading significant ideas and models, and more. There’s been a virtual explosion of conferences on adoption, foster and orphan care in recent years.  These events both affirm and help fuel a growing movement. But what might not be as obvious is […]

Leading Reform for Children in Peru…and Beyond

The blog of Dr. Albert Reyes—President of CAFO member Buckner International—this week highlights a great example of Christians leading efforts to improve child welfare systems in Peru and other Latin American countries. Reyes’ post, “Heroic Leadership Shining Hope in Peru and across Latin America,” highlights how Peru’s Congress recently voted unanimously to approve home-based foster […]

Guatemalans Forming Alianza Christiano por el Huerfano

Guest Post from Mike Douris, President of Orphan Outreach and CAFO Board Member This summer, Christian leaders in Guatemala held the country’s first Orphan Summit.  Their desire:  to help Guatemala’s Christian community better understand and act on behalf of Guatemala’s orphans.  Just as much, they desired to link together those already serving orphans in Guatemala […]

CT on Orphan Care in a Complex World

Christianity Today this month carries a brief but thoughtful editorial asking how Christians should respond in light of the painful complexity that is always involved in caring for orphans.  “Four Powerful Ways to Solve the Crisis in Orphan Care” argues, “Despite fraud and scandal, resourceful evangelicals are meeting an urgent need.”  It urges four specific […]