Conferences Outside the Movement Increasingly Highlight Adoption, Foster and Orphan Care

Conference can be true catalysts for social change:  uniting the like-minded, affirming shared vision, spreading significant ideas and models, and more.

There’s been a virtual explosion of conferences on adoption, foster and orphan care in recent years.  These events both affirm and help fuel a growing movement.

But what might not be as obvious is that many other excellent conferences—while focused on a variety of themes—increasingly include special features on adoption, foster and orphan care also.

It appears this will be even more the case in 2013.  I’m particularly excited about two great conferences that will be giving special voice to orphan- and adoption-related issues.

One is the International Networunnamed-1k of Children’s Ministries (INCM).  It will be a real privilege to be a part of both their east coast (Orlando, January 15-18) and west coast (Ontario, February  17-20) conferences.  It’s truly encouraging that this well-run and highly-influential organization has chosen to help inspire and equip children’s ministers to more fully embrace adoption, foster care, and orphan care ministry.  Today is the last day for a significant discount on registration, and if you have passion for children’s ministry, I’d definitely encourage you to consider attending.  More HERE.


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Similar good things can be said about the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) national conference, in Dallas April 14-16.  CLA is the premier source of information and training for Christian leadership and management.  They, too, are including main-stage focus on Christian leadership in orphan care, foster care and adoption.  If you desire to hone your skills as a leader—from communication to strategic planning—CLA is an unparalleled opportunity.  More HERE.