10 Top Trends in Christian Orphan Care Movement 2013

The recording of the 2013 CAFO Investor Report and Movement Update is now viewable online.   You can view this webinar, along with a short video blog message, HERE.

The webinar highlights 10 Top Trends in the Christian Orphan Care Movement for 2013.  To whet your appetite, the trends spotlighted are:

  1. Expansion:  Continued Growth
  2. E Pluribus Unum:  Strong Diversity in the Movement
  3. Universal Agreement:  There is a Christian Orphan Care movement
  4. Refining:  Healthy Tension within the Movement
  5. Opposition:  Increased Criticism of the Movement
  6. Welcoming the Challenge:  Increase in Special Needs & Older Child Adoptions
  7. Painful Situations:  Growth in Adoption Crises & Responses
  8. Major Catalyst:  Orphan Sunday
  9. Care Globally, Act Locally:  Rising Engagement in Foster Care
  10. Growth in Local Orphan Care & Adoption Worldwide

The webinar also offers glimpses of top priorities for 2014.  See the whole webinar HERE!


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