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Heritage Foundation on the Importance of Conscience Protections for Faith-Based Foster Agencies

The Heritage Foundation this month released an important and well-articulated document explaining why it’s essential to preserve the right of faith-based foster care agencies to operate in ways that do not violate their conscience.  As the paper points out, government policies on these matters carry significant consequence for both principles of religious liberty…and for the […]

Bloomberg: Make Foster Care Work, Let Churches Lead

One rarely expects to write much about foster care…or churches.  An amazing piece that ran yesterday does both, titled “Make Foster Care Work, Let Churches Lead.”   The article provides a strong synopsis of the challenges facing foster youth in America:   Foster children who reach adulthood with no family connection have a difficult […]

New Mini Book on Adoption and Foster Care (Barna FRAMES)

The new “FRAMES” series of mini-books is a welcome gift to those with limited reading time.  Each thin volume offers a brief but insightful exploration of a top issue of our day. The inaugural series includes Becoming Home:  Adoption, Foster Care and Mentoring – Living Out God’s Heart for Orphans.  It was a privilege to […]

Beautiful Orphan Sunday Story from India

Ruslan Maliuta and our friends at World Without Orphans forwarded this report they received from a Christian in Visakhapatnam, India about about their Orphan Sunday: The exciting news is: 8 churches celebrated orphan sunday on November 3rd in Vizag. They were all passionate about this and believe me…the fire is on and it is catching.  One family came forward to […]

East Texas Conference on Adoption, Foster and Orphan Care

One vibrant indicator of the growing orphan care movement are the quality regional conferences across the US that inspire and train for adoption, foster care and global ministry.  One that looks especially compelling in early 2014 is the East Texas Family Conference on Saturday, February 1 at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX.  While […]

Tip of a Lifetime for Former Foster Youth

A moving story from Nebraska reminds how–even in a country with sophisticated social service systems–children need loving families. It’s a powerful glimpse of the hurt kids often face in “systems”…the healing that a loving home can provide…with a beautiful twist at the end of the story! See Lincoln waitress receives the tip of a lifetime. […]