Beautiful Orphan Sunday Story from India

Ruslan Maliuta and our friends at World Without Orphans forwarded this report they received from a Christian in Visakhapatnam, India about about their Orphan Sunday:

The exciting news is: 8 churches celebrated orphan sunday on November 3rd in Vizag. They were all passionate about this and believe me…the fire is on and it is catching.  One family came forward to me and Sheela and told that ever since the September 5th conference, they were praying to be foster parents to a girl and to cut the story short, we have successfully organized and now one girl (age around 12 years) from Abode of Peace is HAVING GODLY FAMILY FOR HER. HALLELUJAH. IT IS AMAZING MIRACLE AND WE COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. The family has two boys and now they are thrilled to have a girl in their family. That family is also ministering family. The other day they celebrated Christmas function in their community. At the end or the program their ‘new daughter’ danced along with others in the cultural program…You must see her heartfelt smiles and joy on her face to see the new God given family. It is just unexplainable joy. Praise God for this!