New Mini Book on Adoption and Foster Care (Barna FRAMES)

The new “FRAMES” series of mini-books is a welcome gift to those with limited reading time.  Each thin volume offers a brief but insightful exploration of a top issue of our day.

The inaugural series includes Becoming Home:  Adoption, Foster Care and Mentoring – Living Out God’s Heart for Orphans.  It was a privilege to write this book alongside the data-rich introduction from Barna President David Kinnaman.   Also making incisive contributions to Becoming Home are Francis Chan, David Platt, Carissa Woodwyk, Jim Daly, and Ruslan Maliuta.

Becoming Home Cover

This book is short enough to read in a single evening.  So it’s certainly not exhaustive.  But Becoming Home seeks to engage both heart and mind in an invigorating crash course on the needs of vulnerable children…and what it means to welcome them into our lives.

Consistent with Barna’s original request when they asked me to write the book, Becoming Home centers on direct personal involvement:  adoption, foster care, mentoring and church-based ministries.  But Becoming Home also reaches globally, with encouragement and insight for support of effective ministry worldwide also.

It’s my hope that Becoming Home will be a life-giving spark even for long-time adoptive and foster parents and other veterans in this realm.  I also hope (especially!) that they’ll be able to use it as an easy way to engage newcomers—inviting pastors, policy-makers, family and friends to get a quick grasp of a vital issue.

Most of all, I pray Becoming Home is just one more tool that God uses to spur His church to truly become home for the countless hurting children who so badly need one…and to help us all do that with wisdom and grace.

You can order Becoming Home now HERE.