Regional Conferences Reveal…and Fuel…a Growing Movement

For all its benefits, technology just can’t replace the power of in-person gatherings.  As with all of history’s great movements, today’s surge in Christian adoption, foster and orphan care is nourished by conferences large and small.  These events unite allies, spread ideas and training, and energize for action.

The annual CAFO Summit–now in it’s 10th year!–has played a key role in all this.  (Register now for CAFO2014!)  But an array of regional conferences have also carried immeasurable impact.  Several recent and upcoming conferences continue this highly-significant trend.  These include:

The East Texas Family Conference earlier this month drew more than 500 to Tyler, TX – cultivating vision and skills for families and also effective church adoption and foster ministry.

The More4Orphans Summit last week in Columbus, Ohio was also a major success, highlighting a wide array of both local and global expressions of care for vulnerable children, and practical ways to get personally involved.

This Friday, February 14, the A Hope and a Future conference for child welfare professionals will be hosted in Austin by Hope for Orphans, Austin Stone church, and Generations Adoptions.  It will carry substantive exploration of advanced topics, from adoption ethics to aiding families in crisis situations.

Finally, the next Wait No More event will be in Nashville, TN on February 22, inviting Christians to take decisive next steps to be the answer for kids in the foster system.

The simple truth is that isolated individuals rarely have much of an impact on the world.  But a community of like-minded individuals…even when they’re spread across a continent and further…if united, inspired and well equipped…can turn the world upside-down!  That’s just what events like these are doing…