kNOw More Orphans Conference Coming Soon in Birmingham, AL!

Guest Post from David Hennessey

Sometimes I feel like I attend conferences for a living – in the last year alone I was an attendee, speaker, emcee, or organizer of about 10 conferences/seminars around the world.  It seems as if there’s always another opportunity to gather together, worship and pray together, discuss incredibly important topics, cast vision and develop action plans.

Sometimes… it’s a lot of talk with very little action to follow.

Then there are conferences that are catalytic – sparking a ministry, concept or movement that develops into something much larger than the sum of its parts, ultimately serving and changing the world. Amazingly, most of the conferences I’ve participated in the last year fall into that category – movements and alliances were launched in several countries, the church began changing the culture’s attitude toward orphans and the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of champions to press on toward the goal of the true religion of James 1:27.

My first time at CAFO’s Summit was especially like that for me – for the first time, my wife and I realized that we weren’t crazy and we weren’t alone. We connected with key leaders of the orphan care movement, talked with them like they were real people, and contributed our voices to the discussions.  Ultimately, that was the catalyst that eventually drove me to my current role in serving leaders of orphan care movement around the world.

I’m confident the CAFO2014 Summit in Chicago in May will be like that, too.  From powerful keynotes and music to deep-dive workshops and pre-Summit intensives, I suspect it’ll be the best ever.

For my fellow SouthEasterners, there is also a conference coming up next month that could be catalytic to our region as well. The kNOw more orphans 2014 conference, hosted by The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, on March 7-8 is shaping up to be excellent.  The speakers are excellent and the breakout sessions will equip you and your church to care for the fatherless.

As a bonus, there is a 15%discount code for all CAFO friends and families. Just enter the code CAFOKMO in and get 15% off registration.

If you’re ready to know more that there may be no more orphans, I encourage you to join me in Birmingham next month. Maybe this is your time.