Plantains for Guatemalan Orphans!

Remember the freezing cold weather that swept across the United States in January? Some of you may have been stuck on the highways, unable to get to your intended destinations. The same was about to happen to over 100,000 pounds of plantains from Guatemala, destined for the US. Rather than letting them spoil, the good people of Chiquita Banana Company donated 3 containers (each filled with 840 boxes of plantains) to Guatemala’s newly formed orphan alliance, ACH.  This alliance spread the donation among many ministries, feeding hundreds of orphans and vulnerable families throughout Guatemala.  What a great picture of how a commitment network of Christian organizations can achieve things together they couldn’t do alone. Hats off to Chiquita for not allowing the plantains to decay and having the wisdom to quickly donate them to reputable ministries who could distribute to people in need. And kudos to the churches and ministries of ACH, for springing into action to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity to feed those in need around you! JSACH