CT: Court in Qatar Rules on Christian Couple Imprisoned for Adopted Daughter’s Death

Christianity Today carries the latest update in the tragic story of a U.S. Christian couple living in Qatar who were accused of killing their adopted daughter to harvest her organs.

The court in Qatar ruled this week – neither freeing the couple nor siding with the claims of the prosecution that charged the couple with premeditated murder.  Rather, the court sentenced Matthew and Grace Huang of California to three years in prison.

Among the driving forces of the prosecution appears to be a profound inability to grasp why a couple would adopt – a practice which is essentially nonexistent in Qatar.  As the article describes:

Police were skeptical that American Christians would adopt children who are not “good-looking” or lack the same “hereditary traits.”…The NYT reported that one investigator told the court “the adoption process consists of searching for children who are good-looking and well-behaved, and who have hereditary features that are similar to those of the parents. But the children connected to this incident are all from Africa, and most of the families there are indigent.”

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