Empowering Leaders in Africa

This summer, CAFO is partnering with emerging orphan care movements in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa to help equip and serve alongside local leaders in Africa as they grow orphan care movements in their countries. Leadership Forums in each of these locations will serve as a gathering point for key influencers from the region, providing 2 days of focused planning together.  Along with leaders from other African countries and other parts of the world, these leaders will create broad objectives for their national movement’s 10 year vision, identify 3-year priorities and develop a detailed plan of action for the next 12 months to mobilize and equip churches in their nations towards adoption, family preservation, mentoring and other expressions of orphan care.

The dates and locations for the Leadership Forums are:

  1. Kenya Leadership Forum, Nairobi, 26-27 May (focused on Kenyan leaders)
  2. Uganda Leadership Forum, Kampala, 29-30 May (focused on Ugandan leaders)
  3. Southern Africa Leadership Forum, Pretoria, S.A., 2-3 June (focused on teams of 5-8 leaders from more than 20 Southern African nations); more information and registration is available at http://www.saos2014.org

Please be in prayer for these African leaders, that the Lord may guide them in vision, priorities and actions. May He inspire churches to rise up across Africa to care for orphans in their own communities, and may Christians be led by the Holy Spirit to adopt, foster, mentor and care for orphans in their midst.

Summit9 Day 1-111 Summit9 Day 1-497

If you know an African leader in these countries that would be an excellent candidate to attend one of these forums, please nominate them here, and we will connect them with the appropriate leaders to discuss it further.