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Video Blog about the Kenya Leadership Forum from Nairobi

Earlier this week in Nairobi, Kenya, 45 leaders from around this African nation gathered to develop a 10-year vision for local-church led orphan care in this country. Watch this video update from David Hennessey (CAFO) and Pastor George Ndhawa (Child Survival Centre) as they share the blessings that God showered upon Kenya this week.  

Short Term 12

I’d heard for some time I needed to see the film Short Term 12.  Those recommending it were right: Short Term 12 is a raw, artfully-crafted, deeply moving experience.  After we watched it Saturday evening, my wife Rachel expressed, “That was one of the most amazing, beautiful films I have seen in a very long […]

Six Ways Singles Can Help Orphans

CT carries a great article on Six Ways Singles Can Help Orphans. It articulates clearly (and practically!) a central truth that CAFO always seeks to champion. Not every Christian is called to adopt or foster or mentor. But every Christian community is called to live out the pure religion that “looks after orphans and widows […]

Global Leaders Collaborate at CAFO2014!

While thousands of passionate orphan care advocates are traveling to Chicago this week for CAFO2014, hundreds came early for pre-Summit intensives. For the past 2 days, almost 100 leaders representing 26 nations gathered at Willow Creek Church for Collaborate, a forum for global leaders, co-sponsored by CAFO and World Without Orphans. These leaders participated in […]