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Great Article of the Orphan Care Movement in Washington State

The Pacific Northwest region is considered the least churched part of the country. But Christian orphan care, adoption and foster care are growing vibrantly, from the wet cities of Seattle and Portland to the high desert to the east. The Spokane Coeur D’ Alene Living Magazine recently spotlighted the movement growing across eastern Washington. It’s […]

A Foster Care Failure

I had the privilege of speaking this week at a family camp. After one of the talks, an elderly couple approached me and asked if I had a moment for a story. The tale they shared began some three decades before. It was an account that made my heart hurt – a painful failed attempt […]

Longing for Family

Family. It’s important to God. Family shows up throughout scripture. The story of creation ends with the foundation of a family, with Adam and Eve coming together to bear and raise children. Noah spent years building an ark to save his family. The census of Israel was recorded in Numbers by having the Israelites camp […]

The Whole is Greater — From the Christian Leadership Alliance

The Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) blog this month carries an article on how well-coordinated partnership can multiply impact. I see this daily. As the organizations and churches that have become part of CAFO join together, the result goes far beyond what any organization could achieve alone.  This shared, synchronized effort has helped grow and guide […]

One of Those Amazing Things You Never Could Have Planned

The most magical moments are those you never could have planned. At CAFO2014, that came with a remarkable young woman named Zhenya. Early this year, CAFO held its t-shirt design contest. The winning design was submitted by 20-year old Zhenya Reynolds. When we wrote to congratulate her, we learned Zhenya isn’t only a talented designer […]

Who is More Likely to Change the World: A Wealthy Heir or an Orphan?

Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, David and Goliath, carries a fascinating section that reveals a remarkable reality: statistics strongly suggest that orphans are much more likely than the general population to become world changers. Gladwell describes how in the early 1960s, a psychologist named Marvin Eisenstadt began a project interviewing top “creatives” – innovators, artists, and […]