The Whole is Greater — From the Christian Leadership Alliance

The Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) blog this month carries an article on how well-coordinated partnership can multiply impact.

I see this daily. As the organizations and churches that have become part of CAFO join together, the result goes far beyond what any organization could achieve alone.  This shared, synchronized effort has helped grow and guide the Christian orphan care movement beyond what most anyone could have imagined a few years ago.

Of course, it’s never perfect. Territorialism, differing opinions, and just plain busy-ness all can undermine joint efforts. But what I see in the CAFO community – more than any other place I’ve every observed – is a huge array of organizations and churches joining in a vision far larger than any one of us. And the fruit is beautiful to see.

In The Whole is Greater, author Bill Blacquier spotlights CAFO to underscore his point about the power of partnership:

One example of the Christian community coming together that comes immediately to mind and reinforces this position is the annual Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Summit. Bringing together thousands of foster and adoptive parents, orphan advocates, pastors, and leaders from 49 states and more than 25 countries, the CAFO Summit seeks to explore how we can work collectively to support the world’s most vulnerable population.

Having had the pleasure of attending the Summit for 10 years, I’m grateful for the passion and commitment the Christian community has brought to the orphan crisis movement. Through our work together, we are making a tremendous difference in the lives of millions of orphans around the world.

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