Great Article of the Orphan Care Movement in Washington State

The Pacific Northwest region is considered the least churched part of the country. But Christian orphan care, adoption and foster care are growing vibrantly, from the wet cities of Seattle and Portland to the high desert to the east.

The Spokane Coeur D’ Alene Living Magazine recently spotlighted the movement growing across eastern Washington. It’s not a faith-based magazine, but the article authentically reflects the heart motivating the Christian families it profiles, as well as the annual Spokane Orphan Summit and year-round work of Inland Orphan Partners. It describes:

But there is hope ahead and right now that hope is with churches and Christian ministries. “The state can only do so much with its time, resources and manpower to help families,” says [Amy] Callahan. “We need to come alongside as citizens and Christians and fulfill our biblical command to reach out to children, the oppressed and the orphaned. We can accomplish so much more and help so many more children and families when we link arms and work together within the community and around the world.”

Here’s the PDF of the article, “Orphans No More:   How Spokane Orphan Summit advocates for local adoption, foster and orphan care,” written by Julie Humphreys.