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New Duke Study on Well-Being of Orphans Shakes Conventional Wisdom…And Confirms It

A significant new study released this week compares the effects of institutional and family-based care on orphaned children. The results sharply question some current assumptions about what’s best for children while also affirming others. I suspect that many people, myself included, will be digging deeper into the study’s details over the months ahead. But after […]

CAFO2014 Summit Live Interviews on Family Life Today this week!

The unforgettable Family Life Today interviews recorded at the CAFO2014 Summit will run this week! Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine interview two remarkable individuals highlighting stories of hurt and hope. Tyrone Flowers (August 28) shares about his childhood in foster care, the shooting that left him paralyzed, and how hope can be kindled in what […]

National Foster Care Initiative Symposium

The NFCI Symposium this week was nothing short of amazing – one of the most encouraging and purposeful events I’ve attended in years. It was a vivid experience in itself and, best of all, it will ultimately provide an arsenal of advocacy and training video resources. Hosted at in Oklahoma City, the Symposium captured […]

Point of View Radio Interview

Hear yesterday’s Point of View radio interview with Barna Group President Dave Kinnaman and CAFO’s Jedd Medefind.  In the first portion of the show, host Kirby Anderson discusses the new Barna Frames books series with Kinnaman.  The second half digs into the book Becoming Home with Medefind and Kinnaman interviewed together. Audio is accessible via […]

Ernie Johnson – Sports Announcer Superstar and Adoptive Dad

The Louisville Courier-Journal carried a great story yesterday on sports announcer Ernie Johnson.   It reveals that Ernie isn’t just one of the most recognized voices in sports today, he’s also committed follower of Christ and adoptive dad. Along with two biological children, the family of Ernie and Cheryl Johnson now includes a boy who came […]