CAFO2014 Summit Live Interviews on Family Life Today this week!

The unforgettable Family Life Today interviews 14098335024_eca495f7d9_mrecorded at the CAFO2014 Summit will run this week! Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine interview two remarkable individuals highlighting stories of hurt and hope.

Tyrone Flowers (August 28) shares about his childhood in foster care, the shooting that left him paralyzed, and how hope can be kindled in what Flower’s describes as America’s “urban orphans.”

Daniel Kaggwa (August 29) reflects on his near suicide as an orphan in Uganda, his brief experience in a family that changed his life, and how Ugandan churches today are stepping up for Ugandan orphans.

14093742342_cf3dffe2e3_mYou’ll be able to hear the broadcasts on any Christian radio station that features Family Life Today on stream it online HERE.

In addition, you’ll want to check out broadcasts from earlier in the week that include Barbara Rainey on “Parenting Your Adopted Child” and “Called to Adopt” with Jon and Shelly Bergeron of Hope for Orphans.