Five New Books for the Orphan Care Movement: In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence

We’ve yet got two months to go in 2015. But it has already been a banner year for new books that that help to both grow and guide Christian adoption, foster care and global orphan care The weighty substance of these books serves as both strong stimulus for and strong indication of a movement that is truly maturing in wisdom and depth.

Orphan ExcellenceAlongside Becoming Home, which kicked off 2014, five new titles are now inspiring, challenging and maturing thoughtful readers across the U.S. and far beyond. We’ll highlight one a day over the coming week:

In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence, edited by Phil Darke, draws together 15 insightful orphan care academics and practitioners to explore the question, “How can we love with excellence the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in our world?”

This book not only asks good questions, but also offers responses refined in the fires of real-world ministry that can stimulate and inform anyone desiring to love children well.

As I wrote in my endorsement, “Good intentions alone are flat-out insufficient. The Christian must cheer every effort to care for orphans deep in both knowledge and wisdom. In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence pushes hard toward this goal, spurring us all to serious study and reflection on what it means to love vulnerable children wisely and well. Yes, there is plenty to debate in this book. That is one part of its great value. We must continue to challenge and refine each other as we pursue the very best for each child we serve.”