The New CAFO Academy

The CAFO team is excited to announce the new CAFO Academy, a partnership between CAFO, the Christian Leadership Alliance, Azusa Pacific University and ECFA. The CAFO Academy is designed to help international orphan care leaders take their leadership and management skills to the next level of God-honoring excellence.

The Academy is open to the local leaders of national and regional orphan care movements around the world, as well as the field and home office leadership staff of orphan-serving organizations. Substantive discounts are provided for staff of CAFO member organizations.

The Academy seeks to advance the vision of CAFO’s Global Movements Initiative: to see the local church in every nation rise as the primary answer to orphans in its midst. Emerging regional and national orphan care movements around the world can benefit greatly as the faithful men and women who are guiding them develop key skills needed to serve their movements with excellence.

Starting in early January 2015, the CAFO Academy will offer 10-week online modules. Each is designed to develop essential leadership skills to empower leaders of emerging orphan care movements worldwide. Students participate in class materials, online discussions and offline reading on the latest developments in topics such as:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Resource Development
  • Effective Management
  • Board Governance

Learn more and register at