The African American Community and Foster Care

A good friend was interviewed recently for the BCS Podcast on the special challenges and opportunities at the intersection of foster care and the African-American community.

As my friend discusses with podcast host and BCS President Bill Blacquiere, the percentage of children in foster care who are African American is much higher than their percentage of population. With thoughtfulness and grace, he explains underlying reasons for this reality – sometimes referred to as “disproportionality” – and what’s needed to reverse it.

You can hear the podcast HERE.

I’d also note that he led an excellent workshop on this topic at CAFO2014 titled, “Foster Care & the African-American Community.” He and a number of other insightful leaders have also come together to lead the CAFO African-American Church Initiative, which is working to grow the engagement of predominantly African-American churches in foster, adoption, and global orphan care ministry.